Chocolate Covered Strawberries



This week my timeline on facebook was flooded with chocolate covered strawberries. All of I could think of was those look delicious and I should make some. Chocolate covered strawberries are so easy to make. All you need is chocolate chips and clean strawberries.


  •  1 container of clean organic strawberries
  •  1 bag of dark chocolate semi sweet chips (you can use any that you like I just prefer dark chocolate)


1. I have a double broiler but I assume most people do not. Therefore I filled a ramekin with chips, and placed in a large pot. I filled the pot with enough water that would surround the ramekin halfway.  You can also use a bowl placed over a large pot of boiling water. I would start off with a low setting and a slow boil. Stir the chips.


2.  After your chocolate has melted carefully dip your strawberries into the chocolate. Here I used a bamboo skewer. I would recommend using a candy dipping set. I wanted to test it out as an average user that doesn’t have a closet full of Wilton products. I removed the greenery so that you can see how I pushed the bamboo skewer in and dipped the chocolate.


3. After dipping the strawberry place on a parchment lined plate, cookie sheet or just your counter. I used a plate because I popped them into the fridge so that they can harden quickly.

After your strawberries are hard this is how they should look. At this point you can just eat them by the fist fulls like my 3 little girls do or you can top with sprinkles or melted white chocolate. Want to know how they get those fancy white lines across them? Melt white chocolate chips, dip a spoon into the melted chips and drizzle back and forth over the strawberry. It’s so pretty but I dislike white chocolate so we are going to keep it simple today! This was so easy, right? Want to know what to do with that extra chocolate? Dip cookies, bananas, pineapple, your fingers, anything in it because chocolate is so delicious!


Thank you so much for reading my blog and allowing me to share my recipes and food journal with you. Your feedback is important and if you want me to feature something you like leave a comment or find me on my contact page. See the glass 1/2 full and then fill it the rest of the way!


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