A Lesson in Juicing



I am the proud foster mom of a Vitamix Blender. My friend Ashland splurged on this overpriced machinery last year and used it barely 3 times. If you add up the base cost of the blender and divide by the amount of times she has used it she spent $166.67 per juice. In order to purge her financial sins she decided to leave her Vitamix at my home in hopes that it will get some use and possibly to justify her spending. True story, she gave me her Vitamix. I plan to chronicle my juicing adventures on this blog and hopefully she will have a change of heart & possibly pick up her Vitamix soon.

After reading the Vitamix recipe book I decided to create recipes based on what was in my fridge at the time. The concept is simple, add ice, water, fruit and/or vegetables and blend. This is one of the first recipes I used.



  • 1 bunch (4 large stalks) of kale
  • 4 small/medium apples
  • 3 stalks celery
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • 1 cucumber
  • ginger (as much as you can stand)
  • water/ice



1. Wash your fruit and vegetables very well. In the photo below I have a large bowl of water mixed with a teaspoon of white vinegar. I cut the stalks of my kale rinsed, placed in the bowl and put a plate on top. The weight keeps the kale from floating. I added another bowl of vinegar water to soak the parsley in to wash. I am quite particular about my greens and I wanted to be sure they were very clean. I soaked them for over 30 minutes changing the water 3-5 times and rinses the greens each time.


2. Cut all of your fruit and vegetables.  The Vitamix is a powerful blender. I’m sure you can avoid this step but I chose to cut them so that I could inspect each piece and cut away the bruised spots.


3. Add 1 cup of ice, and half of your ingredients. Keep a large cup of water near the blender so that you can slowly add during the blending process.


4. Carefully add the rest of your ingredients. Blend well until you have a desired texture you prefer. Serve chilled and enjoy.




This recipe made 2 quarts and I made sure it was all gone within a 24 hr time frame. I’m not for certain how long you can keep juice without it going bad and I don’t want to find out. I imagine that juice is best served immediately.

This is not an endorsement for Vitamix. I am not trying to compare blenders and juicers. I enjoyed using the Vitamix because it blended very well and I didn’t waste any of the pulp. Thank you for reading my blog and allowing me to share my personal food journal and stories with you.



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